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tv   CBS Evening News  CBS  December 22, 2012 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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hello everybody, i'm bruce johnson. thank you for joining us. the battle to legislate guns continues to put up emotions. in protest of the nra and current gun laws. ken molestina is in columbia heights where the demonstrators are gathering. >> reporter: they gathered here attive lee park on 14th and park in columbia heights. the message following that massacre? sandy hook pretty simple. they want guns in the country to go away. also the group is protesting the nra's recent remarks calling for armed guards and police at every school in the nation. they hope this rally tonight will get the attention of lawmakers to restrict gun ownership in this country. the nra of course is the
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nation's largest gun lobby with extreme influence and deep pockets and although this peals in comparison the demonstrators hope to keep an already fiery debate going. >> opposition to the national rifle association's press conference yesterday we absolutely do not believe this is the solution to the problem which exists. and that we need to move forward. come up with serious plans to change this. >> reporter: yeah, these demonstrators received a police escort as i mentioned earlier. they marched down 14th vote holding a candle light vigil as they call it. they went down to the episcopal church not too far from here where we understand that's where they're gathering now to continue trying to spread their message. >> ken molestina, ken thanks for that. a shooting ad a manassas park -- at a manassas park convenience store sends two people to the hospital. it happened in a sheets store
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in the 8500 block of the road. two people were taken to prince william hospital. one suspect is in custody. police have not released a motive for the shooting. shoppers taking advantage of dope discounts on -- deep discounts on super saturday. it's the last weekend before christmas and shoppers have been crowding stores and shopping malls throughout the area today. surae chinn reports. >> reporter: parents holding bags of gifts and carting toys to put under the christmas tree. >> you got to do what you got to do right? >> they all have one thing in common. >> my last gift. >> reporter: waiting until the last-minute. >> i work a lot. >> why did you wait until the last-minute? >> paycheck. got paid. >> always try to get a little earlier but it never works. >> reporter: it might just all pay off for them as they score great deals on super saturday. >> one of the best guys you can get -- buys you can get. >> have you finished your shopping? >> no. >> is panic setting in yet? >> oh, yeah. >> reporter: the crowds will
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still be here and you still have two full days left of shopping. and angie -- >> i still have to buy for my sister and my parents. >> reporter: is going to need that extra time. >> i need to do shopping for her. and yes it's not going to work with we are here. >> reporter: some shoppers have given up altogether. >> i've been here for four hours but i don't have the patience for the line. i'm walking over and i'm buying two gift certificates for tysons corner for any children. i'm done. >> reporter: except for what she's finding for herself. what was your reaction? >> i did buy myself some makeup, what can i say. >> reporter: these men may take shopping sitting down but not andrew yates. >> i have one i wear each day. it's very nice to get out with the crowd just to have the christmas spirit. >> reporter: in mclean, surae chinn, 9news now. >> super saturday accounts for a big portion of holiday sales. in fact it can net billions of
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dollars more than black friday. got a live picture of reagan national airport where thousands of holiday travelers are now headed out of town. no major delays are reported at the this hour, the airport authority says to make travel a bit less stressful passengers should reconfirm the flight times directly with the airline and plan to arrive at the airport early to find parking and clear security screenings. amtrak tonight also reports no major delays for passengers. for people traveling by car, patience might be the most important thing to tag along. take along that is. traffic along north and southbound interstate 95 has lots of congestion this weekend. but no major accidents are reported at this hour. aaa says more than 93 million people will travel at least 50 miles or more this holiday weekend. with time running out democrats and republicans have retreated no their home bases with no signs that they'll close a deal to end the fiscal cliff crisis. taxes for 90% of us will go up
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in days unless an agreement is reached. president barack obama is now in hawaii for christmas with his family. yesterday, he urged the congress to adopt a stopgap measure to keep benefits flowing to unemployed workers that prevent taxes from rising on income under $250,000 a year. house speaker john boehner, he's home in cincinnati tonight. he failed the get mobs of his -- to get members of his own party to support the plan b. proposal for ending the crisis. today boehner was blaming democrats for the stale mail by refusing to include -- stalemate by refusing to include entitlements in the proposal. >> what the president is offering so far won't do anything to solve the problem. instead he wants more spending and more tax hikes that will hurt the economy. and he refuses to challenge the members of his party to deal honestly with the entitlement reform and the big issues that are facing our nation. that's why we find ourselves
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here today. >> president said on friday that since the deal has not been reached he would be returning to washington sometime after christmas. workers won't feel all of the tax increases in their january paycheck. the american payroll association says it's already too late for employers to accurately withhold income taxes from january paychecks. workers will immediately feel the squeeze of a 2% social security payroll tax. well, coming up on 9news now this saturday, gut- wrenching farewells for newtown. more of the young shooting victims are laid to rest. >> and the pope gives the butler a pardon this holiday season. >> the worst of the winds have subsided but it's still pretty breezy out here on the weather terrace, take a look at the peak wind gusts we had out is there today. 43-mile an hour at reagan national and 49 in hagerstown. 51 was your highest wind gust in martinsburg. it's going to be cold tonight but not as windy. i'll tell you when the winds
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subside coming up in that full forecast.
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funeral services for three of the young newtown, connecticut shooting victims end a week of gut-wrenching farewells. 7-year-old josephine gray and 6- year-old anna marquez green were laid to rest in newtown. emily parker's family role move today newtown -- recently moved
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to newtown. 20 children and six adults were killed last friday. police have not yet established a motive for adam lanza. more than two dozen hollywood celebrities created a public service announcement calling for a plan to control gun violence across the run think. the demand a plan to end gun violence is part of a campaign by mayors against illegal guns. >> columbine. >> virginia tech. >> tucson. >> aurora. >> flood. >> oak creek. >> newtown. >> newtown. >> newtown. >> newtown. >> how many more? how many more? >> how many more colleges? >> how many more classrooms? >> how many more movie theaters? >> how many more houses of faith? >> jennifer aniston, conan o'brien, steve carell, zoe day chanel participated in this. the butler did it.
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but now the pope did a christmas pardon. the pope benedict visited his former butler and told him he had pardoned him for stealing valuable paypal documents. he -- pa pal documents. he gave the documents to a journalist in order to expose evil and corruption in the vatican. just ahead on 9news now this saturday. a police officer being called a hero this weekend after a daring rescue in frigid waiters. >> erica has the forecast when we come back.
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the boston police officer is being hailed a hero tonight after jumping in the frigid walters to rescue a woman. cell phone video captured officer ed norton taking the plunge to rescue the woman who
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was crying for help. officer put a life ring around the woman and they both swam some 50 feet to shore where another officer and three firefighters pulled her to safety. it's unclear how the woman was in the water in the first place. she was eventually treated for hypothermia and doctors there say she's expected to make a full recovery. all right that's good news. >> very good news. >> yes. >> no snow here but not that far. >> that's right. yeah. we have another little disturbance on the way. and it could bring us some snow north of the mason dixon line and maybe even as far south as hagerstown on christmas eve into christmas day but not a factor in the forecast this weekend. it's just colder out there and it feels colder with the wind of course. taking a look with the michael & son weather camera. it's 40-degrees and the dew point is 19. a cold and dry atmosphere and that windchill, the winds out of the west northwest at 20 right now that's giving us a windchill in the low 20s so it doesn't feel like 40 degrees
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outside right now. overnight tonight, it will get very cold. but it's going to be less windy. that's the good news and your first two weather headlines here. sunday looks really nice. but there is that possibility of rain for santa as he's making his deliveries, right now it's 40-degrees in downtown d.c.. 41 annapolis and 39 easton but a lot of folks are in the lower 30s like cumberland 32. hagerstown 34 and mid 30s in leesburg and frederick and gaithersburg also at 36 degrees. check out the windchills it feels like 23 in couple bier land right now. -- cumberland. it feels like 26 in gaithersburg. feels like 28 degrees at andrews. the windchill will continue to be a factor overnight tonight but the winds themes are going to settle down. when you get really cold even the slightest breeze gives awe windchill factor. overnight tonight more of the clouds creeping in from the west. but you can see that the bulk of the cloud cover and the snow showers have moved up to the knot and east. another disturbance approaching
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though from the southwest and because it's coming to us from the southwest we're not expecting any snow in the d.c. metro area. but take a look at 9 futurecast as we head through the day on sunday completely clear. but then the clouds start to drift in. as we head into monday morning. the rush hour is still completely career. but the clouds and also the snow showers approaching as we head toward noon will get that snow showing up in the mountains and probably have an accumulating snow in the higher elevations on monday and then that rain snow line very quickly moves north to the mason dixon line. as you can see the snow in pennsylvania but not down here in the d.c. metro and then more showers will arrive overnight monday into christmas morning. but during the day on christmas it looks good. overnight tonight just a few clouds. it's going to be less breezy but still very cold. with a low of 22 to 30. winds out of the west at 10 to 15. sunday morning looks okay. a light breeze but still very cold out there with temperatures in the 20s and 30s in the afternoon. we will get warmer pretty quickly. temperatures actually above normal for this time of the
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year. 45 to 50 for the afternoon highs and mostly sunny and pleasant afternoon with the west wind at only about 5 to 15 and that will feel really nice after what we had to deal with today. over the next three days we're keeping it in the green zone even though we have the showers on monday i think most of the shower activity is after you would even be outdoors. you're going to probably be at home with the family on christmas eve. 45 degrees with a chance for showers arriving in the afternoon and early evening. on christmas day itself. clouds to sunshine with a high of 48. it looks like a pretty nice day. in the seven day forecast yeah we're looking good here. christmas day is a pleasant one. we'll have partly sunny skies and high of 48 degrees. however, another storm system arriving on wednesday can this one looks like a big one. we could have some heavy rains, some thunderstorms possible. windy conditions. highs remaining in the 40s. i know it's not a really pleasant forecast. as far as that goes. but at least we don't have any big snowstorms in the forecast. the big snow is north of us not in our area. >> we know it can be a lot
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worse. >> it could be. >> still got power and we're not complaining. >> exactly. you have some big news. >> well, confirmation. 9 sports we break stories. that's what we do. they're saying that rg3 is healthy enough to play tomorrow against the eagles. you worried about philfully. >> a little bit. just a little bit. >> i think anytime you play a team in the nfc east always tough. let's talk georgetown first. au georgetown separated by mere miles but georgetown and american university worlds apart with hoop dreams. another episode versus the eagles. >> once again folks it wasn't pretty at the verizon center. rg3 in philly. >> the roadblock for ray? what am i talking about? when's the preacher going to give his next sermon, next.
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all right, guys ladies i have a question for you now. yenning you normally and me the questions, i have a question
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for you. rg3 98%. he's a doctor. just making sure -- >> 98% of rg3. absolutely. it still makes him better than most quarterbacks in the league. also i don't want him totally rusty against the cowboys. >> that's the answer right there. >> that's perfect. yeah. 98% i'd go with him for sure. yeah. >> we don't even do sports. anybody can do that. >> anybody can do sports. don't say that. oh my gosh, let's talk about the georgetown hoops too just to get things started. no disrespect to au but there's no rivalry with georgetown. hoyas won eight straight in the series but the two teams are part of an interesting bit of nostalgia. 30 years ago the eagles bit georgetown who then featured ballot rick ewing. it's the big -- big guy patrick ewing. it's the big rivalry. jeff jones to the rivalry center. there was some offense today. smith, rivera stroking from the east and stroking from the
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west. he was 2-5 from deep. but the pesky eagles daniel munos for three. he had 19. triple triple right there. he had 16 and 13. then later in the quarter to traywick. just pop it in his air force ones. georgetown pulling away for the ninth straight over au. they take it today 65-48. >> i don't think -- i don't think the starter confidence players is going to be any issue with the guys being ready to play at all. >> i feel like we moved the ball really well. just making the extra pass and we was able to get a couple of transition baskets and wide open shots. >> we've been struggling before this game. we've been struggling. so we've been really emphasizing improvement and not so much focused on the win loss record. but instead focusing on doing the things that can allow us become a better team. doesn't otto porter look
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like lionel richie? my gosh. all night long. richardson. he got the 270 pounds up in the air and spiders up by 12 but furious rally. wright at the buzzer, game high 22. patriots knock off richmond 67- 64 wow. what great action. matter of hours we're going to find out whether rg3 and rust go together. griffin musted last week's game in cleveland. this week he's hailed as being healed by the coaches and the doctors who say he is ready to go in time for a visit to the link. nothing like a tough nfc division east game to chew on when you desperately need a win. the eagles have had their wings clips but they're dangerous and griffin is taking care of himself too. don't get hurt man. >> one two, throw it out of bounds. i think that's a faulty approach to the game. but you know i get where everyone is coming from and
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i'll continue to protect myself and this latest injury. could have happened to anybody. you know i was getting down and it is what it is. and i have to move on from there. >> that's the redskins' story. over to the ravens now. reeling disarray. two words to describe the dirty birds who have lost three straight and blown out the offensive coordinator michael & son weather camera ron. the defense -- cam cameron. the defense is gone. lewis is not going to happen because and others reporting the future hall of famer won't be activated for the final two games. john harbaugh on friday would simply say lewis was quote coming along. the team doesn't immediate with media on saturday. lewis tore the triceps eight weeks ago and could be still activated for the playoffs. baseball news here, is the clock running out on a move to sign adam la roach? yes. that's what adam kilgore of the "washington post" believes. the nats wanted an answer by
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the new year and "sports illustrated" says the two sides aren't even close with the first base situation put together. coming up stick around. "game on" is here. we're going to break it down. here we go. kristen berset, and me and a whole crew will be here. we're going to talk about rg3. how dangerous with the eagles. credit for kyle shanahan and what's the latest on the ravens and why all of a sudden they can't seem to win a football game. a lot of stuff going on here as we get into the weekend. big game up in philly. >> quickly your thoughts on joe flacco. why hasn't he emerged as the star quarterback? >> i don't think it was ever in his dna to be the star quarterback and then you get cam cameron that likes to check it down a lot. that's a bad recipe for the football team. when the defense was playing well it was all good. but now no. >> okay. all right. want to recap for us? >> sure, seven day forecast looks good tomorrow. good weather for the ravens game. mostly sunny and 50 degrees and then some showers moving in on
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christmas eve and looks like mostly the activity waits until at least the late afternoon for the d.c. metro area. no snow on christmas for us unfortunately. >> thank you for watching. you can get updates anytime online. "game on" is next. keep it at that dial. we'll see you back here at 11:00. bye.
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